2016 Alliance Innovation Summit – We’re Killing the 80/20 Rule

If you’re looking at your spring/summer calendar and are contemplating the Alliance Innovation Summit, June 8-10 in Chicago, you need to know three things:

  1. At an Alliance event, there’s always “a lot of knowledge in one room”
  2. People’s “willingness to share openly is refreshing”
  3. And, we’re taking extra steps this year to ensure you connect with each and every person in the room

Most industry events are 80/20 – people talking at you 80 percent of the time, with only 20 percent of meeting time spent in dialogue. In a room of 100, you may only connect with five or ten people during the meeting itself, and are forced to play “blind date” with others you don’t know over cocktails and appetizers at networking events.

Expert speakers are great, but the real magic happens when you allow for planned and unplanned dialogue between meeting attendees. We’ll have plenty of great speakers this year, but they’ll be the appetizer, not the meal.


  • We attract the active leaders within housing organizations – people who make decisions and implement change now
  • You’ll see who’s coming in advance – a photo if we have one along with contact and company information
  • Presentations and panels will make up 60% of the active meeting time, with the other 40% dedicated to table-based and large-group discussions
  • We’ll mix you up in the room each day, making sure you have the opportunity to connect with everyone
  • Together, we’ll create and share notes, and, after the event, we’ll package them up for you to share with your team
  • You’ll have plenty of time for side conversations during session breaks, breakfasts and lunches, and evening networking events

Check out our event snapshot for other reasons to join us in Chicago.