Innovation + Next Gen Builders… Live and On Tour

The Summit’s Innovation In Action Tours illustrated in person and up-close how innovation will drive our industry and who next will be behind the wheel. Sometimes it helps to close your laptop (but not quite yet!), step away and get outside for fresh air. In that spirit, we were thrilled to offer Summit attendees the … Read more

Before Leaving A Legacy, Find Your Own Voice

Your X factor, knowledge, and passion will get you on that path … and more  What do you want to be remembered for? And how will you move forward in your career?  These were some of the many gems that Margaret Whelan spoke about during her Leaving a Legacy keynote at our Housing Innovation Summit last month. She should … Read more

Pitchfest Highlights Housing Innovation

In April, the Housing Innovation Alliance, LLC and the University of Denver – Daniels College of Business co-hosted the first in-person Housing Innovation Summit since the pandemic began. It was great to be back among friends and so many new faces to talk about opportunities for innovation in housing, hear real stories of what’s working and what isn’t, and … Read more