Are You Connected? Should You Be?

Our March virtual roundtable events events provided the Alliance community with high-level “state of the industry” insight and analysis as it relates to integrating the Internet of Things into your customer relations and business practices.

In a nutshell, while the Internet of Things is driving business and technical innovation across all industries, from the auto plant to the family farm, there’s no clear and specific roadmap for home builders to take advantage of the opportunities and manage the risks of connectivity and data management.

These two virtual round tables (aka webinars) outlined that roadmap, suggesting a builder’s role in providing connected home functionality and real-world examples for engaging and expanding their value chain relationships toward data-driven decision making.

Our on-going research efforts on these critical topics will be updated and discussed at the 2017 Innovation Summit in April and released in various formats to the Alliance community and U.S. housing industry.

In the meantime, if you missed these two events, you can watch and share them using the links below.