Housing Innovation Alliance Team

Dennis Steigerwalt

Dennis leads business strategy, market engagement, and program development with reach across 2000+ companies impacting 40%+ of U.S. annual housing starts. Prior to the Alliance, Dennis helped change the face of the housing industry in Saudi Arabia. He helped to create a nationwide program to develop a modular housing industry – modeling 26 strategic initiatives that would jumpstart the creation of a robust construction ecosystem, evaluating 200+ global technology providers, and securing initial approval for $4B in government investment. He was also a key player in SABIC’s Home of Innovation program, a $30M+ multi-year market engagement program focused on encouraging collaboration among the housing value chain and ensuring that better construction practices are adopted throughout the GCC region.

Dennis and his wife are active participants in fundraising and event planning efforts for the Children’s Free Care Fund. In his spare time he enjoys big adventures with his wife and sons on the water and in the mountains. He supports the efforts of other entrepreneurs – advising and investing in start-up companies ranging from CPG to PropTech to Robotics.