Housing Innovation Alliance: Members

The Alliance is where the entire production building industry meets to make things happen. Together we identify opportunities for innovation taking action to change our industry and improve your business. Our members include Housing Providers and Industry Experts as described on the Join page.

Our Reach

Our ultimate vision is to ensure that middle-income families have access to high-quality, attainable market rate housing and a better quality of life, while ensuring that the business of homebuilding is also healthy. To get there, we focus on enabling production homebuilding companies to be better and build better. We reach into more than 50% of housing starts in the U.S. through national and regional homebuilders and developers and their partners.

Engaged Members + Partners

Subscribed Network + Contributors


our reach in 3 rings

Network Breakdown

Our network possesses an active, doer mindset. They’re willing to hear others, share their knowledge, grow boldly and enact change. They are next generation leaders, current and past leaders, and middle management through c-level. Our network includes over 4,000 people from 2,000+ companies.

45%  Housing Providers

10%  Manufacturer + Distributor

7%  Architecture + Engineering

7%  Consultants, Legal + Insurance

6%  Off-site + Industrialized Construction

6%  Digital Solution Provider

6%  Finance + Investment

4%  Media, Gov., Industry Assoc. + Other

4%  Construction Trades

3%  Market Research, Analysis + Marketing

3%  Recruitment, Training + Higher Edu