Event FAQ

Having trouble joining a session? Try these few things first.


General Questions

How do I attend a session?
  1. Go to the event page
  2. Click on the ATTEND tab
  3. Click on the JOIN button next to the relevant session
    • If you’re logged in, you’ll automatically join
    • If not, simply type in your email address


I still need to register for the event today.

Click the “register” tab and provide your name, company and email address. You’ll receive a digital ticket via email. As soon as you register, click on the attend tab, refresh the page and the Join buttons should appear. (If registration has closed, reach out to Natalie.)


Trouble Shooting

The “Join” buttons are grayed out.

First, refresh your page. Then check to see that you are logged in.  The buttons will become active 30 minutes before the event begins. 


The orange buttons say “Coming Soon.”

If you are logged in and the buttons still say “Coming Soon,” refresh the page.


The orange buttons say “register.”

If you haven’t registered, follow the steps above for registering on the same day as an event. If you have registered, login or refresh your page.

I clicked the Join button, and it says there’s another meeting in progress.

We may be a little late in wrapping up another session, and you may be a little early for the session you’re trying to join. Double check the session’s start time (in Eastern) and try again a little later. Be sure to refresh your browser before clicking “Join.”


Still not working properly? 

Reach out to Natalie at natalie@housinginnovation.org.