More From Our Pitchfest Finalists

In case you missed it, we announced our Pitchfest finalists last week! Congratulations to all of those selected this year.

Watch the videos below to learn more about each company before they pitch their solutions live at the Housing Innovation Summit on April 26, in Denver. If you aren’t joining us at the Summit, (register by April 17!) stay tuned to our page on LinkedIn around 4:00 pm Mountain time when we’ll announce the winners there as well.

ESG (Environmental, Social + Governance)

Resiliency in Home + Business

Aris Hydronics  

Aris Hydronics is in development of an innovative modular, combi heat pump system for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water that is higher performing, easier to install, and less costly than current state-of-the-art heat pumps. The system includes a unified grid-interactive energy management control platform, thermal energy storage, and patent-pending multi-zone hydronic room conditioning technology. Additionally, modular system combinations selected to suit a wide variety of custom applications, architectural constraints, and customer aesthetic preferences are appropriate for all market segments including single-family and multifamily, retrofit and new build, hospitality, modular homes, and small to medium-sized commercial buildings. 


We solve homelessness for the 3.7 million unhoused and housing insecure Americans. Housing-First services are traditionally delivered by grant funded Housing First Community Based Organizations (HFCBOs). Services include behavioral health, addiction treatment, job training, food access, etc. However, HFCBO’s can’t contract with Managed Medicaid Organizations (MCO) who cover health costs or find housing units for unhoused individuals. We help HFCBOs contract with MCOs and master lease units from landlords to provide units to HFCBOs. This decreases community rates of incarceration, overdoses, homelessness, poverty, police interactions, etc., and reduces costly hospital visits and reduces health costs by 40%. 


What happens when you throw away a century of Technical Debt, AND bridge the adoption gap to a new power and communication platform in buildings? Find out how LumenCache solves all the challenges holding back widespread adoption of smart home solutions by making the reliable foundation builders require, the openness that ecosystem partners demand, and the ease of use and low maintenance that homeowners expect.


Up&Up is creating a new category of housing to help renters build wealth while reducing operating costs for landlords. Instead of a security deposit, renters contribute to the Up&Up Wallet, which grows as their home generates profits and increases in value. Our thesis is that if renters see the financial benefits of ownership, they’ll act like owners, treat the home better, and lower our operating costs. We have partnered with over 500 renters and built a vertically-integrated operating company. Amid high mortgage rates, this approach to fractional housing will be critical to ensuring housing access for renters. 

Urban Machine  

Urban Machine is a robotics company on a mission to reclaim the millions of tons of wood waste from construction and demolition for reuse as high-volume, locally sourced, premium lumber products. Urban Machine is innovating sustainable practices for construction with the help of technology. UM is salvaging the past to build the future. Visit for more information. 


Design + Build

Enabling Operational Agility


 AMATEC has created a new and advanced building material which allows us to build prefab homes significantly cheaper, faster, stronger and much eco-friendlier than anyone else. This new material is called high-density gypsum (HDG) and it is the most compatible structural material with industrial automation out of any other thanks to its unmatched molding capabilities, zero shrinkage induced deformations and ability to go from liquid to stone within minutes. Such allows for new manufacturing capabilities that were previously not possible due to the limitations of the building materials used today. 


Modulous is reinventing the business model for prefabrication, outsourcing production to its supply chain partners to enable the rapid design, manufacture, and delivery of sustainable homes with no fixed factories. This asset-light approach is agile, resilient to changing demand, and globally scalable. 

Soil Connect  

Soil Connect is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that helps contractors and construction professionals track, transport, and acquire soil & aggregates. 

Soil Connect has 3 products: 

  • Soil Connect Marketplace – facilitates closer connections between construction professionals who have excess material and those who need material. 
  • eTickets – eTickets is an easy way to capture, track, and share the details of hauling materials from one destination to the next. 
  • eRegulatory Compliance – provides customers with the online method to capture and track all required documents digitally. Additionally, our product includes turn-by-turn tracking of the loads 

StructureBot PBC  

StructureBot is a Public Benefit Corp. focused on robotics in construction. Our mission is to make a meaningful dent in the affordable/attainable housing area. Our 3DCP machines can be applied to foundations up to the ceiling line enabling builders to complete projects faster with much better accuracy since our machine is driven by the 3D CAD/BIM model. Much more truly affordable housing is needed around the world. 

Tech + Data

Empowering Your Team

Arx City  

Arx is an AI-driven real estate analytics platform that automatically underwrites the future potential of millions of properties in advance, enabling developers, investors, and agents to source and evaluate optimal investment & development opportunities in seconds. Arx is on a mission to catalyze the development of an equitably built world by empowering professionals to instantly understand the regulatory and market forces impacting a region, drastically improving their ability to deliver housing where needed most. 


JobsToBuild is the best online career platform for the housing sector. It provides: 

  • Comprehensive information and training resources to career explorers 
  • 75,000+ job opportunities to job seekers; 
  • Thousands of job candidates to employers, at no cost to them; 
  • Support from experienced career coaches and recruiters, to maximize the results, while minimizing the time invested to hire, find job or decide on a career. 

JobsToBuild is unique: 

  • High-tech and high-touch – top technology with caring support to all users; 
  • Mobile ready, available in any language; 
  • Built-in translator for military to civilian skills; 
  • State-specific career guidance with links to local training programs. 


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On3 allows companies to seamlessly capture their processes, create dynamic learning, and transform their teams. Utilizing advanced mobile-based AI technology, On3 verifies the knowledge level of each learner and curates an individualized learning path based on their competencies. On3 also spot-checks learners for critical knowledge and provides AI-driven recommendations, as well as offering real-time Augmented Reality skill guidance, using the camera on their device or a wearable device with a voice-activated Heads-Up Display (HUD). With funding we will expand our learning application capability for mobile devices or headsets utilizing AI-vision to interpret the environment and provide real-time guidance and instruction. 


TraceAir is the only 3D site work platform built specifically for builders. With powerful visibility, our software provides survey-level topographic scans in a visual platform. Our white glove service offers completely turnkey coordination and seamless overnight delivery. Dead simple software makes it easy to track progress, measure stockpiles and dirt balance, check elevations and more! TraceAir empowers construction teams with accurate data so they can make better, faster decisions. 

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