Off-The-Wall: Key Takeaways + Next Steps for Collaborative Innovation

George Casey, President + CEO, Stockbridge Associates and Chair, Housing Innovation Alliance

Longtime homebuilder and Housing Innovation Alliance Chair, George Casey, moves around the room asking attendees for the most important thing they learned from the 2019 Innovation Summit.


  1. Most attendees noted that while the human equation is the essence of our business, it doesn’t get enough attention. Builders have a lot of work to do improving relationships with employees, subcontractors and suppliers. Those who make this commitment will enjoy a real advantage.
  2. Builders need to understand their costs better.
  3. There’s a lot of interest in BIM and off-site, but many builders lack clarity on the why and how to move in that direction.

This short video is worth watching first! Listening to attendees summarize what they learned will help you get the most out of all of the presentations.

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