Update: #BuzzwordChallenge

When it comes to the future of housing, there’s a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around.

Changemakers. Paradigm. Optics. Disruptor. Synergies. Hey, in the past we’ve even been guilty of using them.

So we’re starting with “low hanging fruit” and removing these “pain points” from our vocabulary. Which means being clearer and more direct about how we communicate and look at the industry.

At the Alliance, we’re not in the business of buzz. We create a vision for the real future of housing and then make it happen.

Orange Pen

To prove it, we challenged our network to the #BuzzwordChallenge…

To participate, members + partners of the Alliance chose a buzzword and explained why they wanted to scrub it from their own vocabulary –or the industry’s. Some shared via social media post and some got creative with a camera. We really appreciated watching them all come in and hope you do too.

A BIG thank you to all that participated and helped rack up over 15,000 video views (and counting) on LinkedIn alone!  

It’s not too late to participate! Get creative and join the conversation on social media. #BuzzwordChallenge 


Click on the images below to watch each video on LinkedIn. 

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