Using Data-Driven Personalization to Connect with Customers

Scott Kaufmann, Partner + President, Lucid Agency

As a digital marketing and technology professional with 17 years of real estate experience, Scott Kaufmann, Partner and President of Lucid Agency, brought a data-driven agency view of “Redefining the Customer Experience” in the homebuilding industry as a presenter at our 2019 Innovation Summit.



Key Takeaways

“Designing a Better Customer Experience using Data-Driven Personalization”

  1. Less Communication = More Sales
    Customers want relevant content delivered at the right time and the only way to achieve this is by starting with better data. Using old sales methods can lead to wasting time on bad leads and marketing fatigue for the customer, while on the other hand, less communication with more targeted messaging increases purchase intent for 78% of consumers.
  2. Reaching the Target
    The homebuying journey is nonlinear and is different for every segment of the target market. Segmentation of a target market is important because it finds commonality between buyers, helps create buyer personas along with personalized communication for each buyer’s journey, and helps with developing a vision of future buyers, bringing about a better customer experience.
  3. The Life of the Relationship
    It is time for homebuilders to better understand their customers, establish the relationship their customers want after the sale, deliver on that promise, track their progress, and improve. This process does not have to be expensive when coupled with thoughtful marketing based on good data and has the potential for longevity through positive customer feedback and online reviews.

The Alliance Takeaway

What you say matters, but the relevance of what you say matters more. Your customers are marketed to all day, every day, from across multiple industries, but homebuilders have the opportunity to set themselves apart through more targeted messaging. The homes and amenities may speak for themselves, but they speak differently to different audiences, and it is time for the industry to market themselves better through a more modern and personalized approach.

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