The Off-site Heat Map Continues to Evolve + Plays a Pivotal Role in Connections 

At the Housing Innovation Alliance, we help connect the dots, with a mission to prioritize opportunities for innovation and connect key players who will create a better housing industry.

One good example of our mission… The Off-Site Heat Map, a project that is constantly evolving. 

In case you missed the original announcement, our intention is to build a crowdsourced tool to connect production homebuilders and developers to off-site partners. As these production homebuilders and developers become increasingly interested in partnering with off-site solution providers to construct and deliver housing, our heat map tool is a one-stop-shop to locating providers who work in the residential market.

The heat map provides a searchable map of component and modular manufacturers, installers, kitchen and bath pod suppliers and certified framers in the U.S. and Canada.

Want to see who’s near you? Scroll through the map to find out. 


  • You can explore nearly 1,500 service providers in the residential market—for production homebuilders and developers to construct and deliver attainable housing.

  • Each listing has in-depth information, from the company’s description, contact information, and services to help you make a smart decision. 

  • You can toggle between provider types by clicking the checkboxes or search by clicking the magnifying glass on the map.

  • Want to be included? Submit a new entry for a company we’re missing by clicking the plus sign (+). 

  • Need to update or make changes to your listing? Let us know. We’re crowdsourcing data and would love your input. 

  • The map is (obviously) a very visual tool. To that end, we developed a series of videos to help walk you visually through its features. Watch here.
Watch our video series on how to use our off-site heat map.

Like anything, the heat map development didn’t happen in a vacuum. We worked with an amazing group of industry associations and Alliance project champions, who have helped us identify nearly 1,500 locations so far.

This map also evolved from important input from the Alliance community and visitors like you. We welcome your feedback. Reach out to us and let’s get a conversation started! 

To date, more than 6,300 visitors have clicked nearly 200,000 times on map listings. 

Looking for Industrialized Construction Resources? 

In 2020, with the help of a working group consisting of home builders, suppliers, researchers, and other industry experts, Pro Builder and the Housing Innovation Alliance initiated the development of a comprehensive “Industrialized Construction Road Map” to outline a successful transition of a builder’s overall business model—not just the construction silo—to fully integrate IC into its operations and realize the benefits. Start here.

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