If you are looking at Healthy Home / Healthy Community as a key part of your value proposition, you’ll want to review our Healthier Home series.

A half day in August simply wasn’t enough! We systematically explored the subject (and continue to) with the ultimate goal of creating a Roadmap for production homebuilders and community developers to make it a strategic part of their offering.

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Together, we’ll explore:

  • WHY
  • WHAT + HOW in terms of…
    • Design + Products
    • Technologies + Data: Home
    • Strategic Partnerships + Data: Community
  • RISKS + OPPORTUNITIES for Innovation: Maintenance + Management

We’ll be sharing key research data through social media posts (follow us) and feature articles. Throughout the process, we’ll feature WHO is doing things well and/or offering support for the industry, what BEST PRACTICES they’re seeing and what IMPACT healthy homes has on their customers and business.




Healthy Home Design + Products

August 11 | Coffee Talk: Scan visual notes + Watch the recording

August 20 | Think Tank: Key Takeaways

Healthy Home Technologies + Data: Home

August 25 | Coffee Talk: Scan visual notes + Watch the recording

September 10 | Think Tanks: Key Takeaways

Healthy Home Strategic Partnerships + Data: Community

September 15 | Coffee Talk: Scan visual notes + Watch the recording

September 24 | Think Tanks: Key Takeaways

Healthy Home Risks + Opportunities for Innovation

September 29 | Coffee Talk: Scan visual notes + Watch the recording

October 8 | Think Tanks: Key Takeaways

Healthy Home as the New Energy Efficiency: 2020 Innovation Summit Session

 Nov. 11 | Presentation resources and recording available to attendees + members of our community. 

Healthier Home: Podcast Series

Episode 1: Digging into Opportunities for Innovation in the Healthy Home Space with Nathan Kahre
Nathan is the Business Development Manager, at EnergyLogic, he works with builders of all sizes to help find areas for improvement and opportunities to grow closer to the idea that all homes can be efficient, healthy, and durable.



Episode 2: Health + Wellness in the Kitchen with Blair Costello
Betsy Scott and Blair Costello, a designer specializing in healthy materials & kitchen design, talk health and wellness as it relates to design and tech… Designs are transforming how our kitchens look, function, and most importantly, how they support healthy eating and living.  A fascinating dive into the possibilities of technology and design.



Episode 3: Healthier Homes + Innovation with Michelle Foster and Tony Marnella
Betsy Scott chats with Michelle Foster, Home Innovation Research Labs and Tony Marnella, Marnella Homes about innovation, healthier homes and how this overlaps with sustainability practices. Listen in to hear about current market perception (and how it’s changing), the role the National Green Building Standard plays in design, delivery, and marketing processes and the growing opportunity for healthier homes as a key differentiator in your business.


Episode 4: Clean Water, Air and the Future of Healthier Homes with Michael Don Ham
Two self-proclaimed “Healthy Home Nerds,” Betsy Scott and Michael Don Ham, Pure365, provide a deeper insight as to why consuming clean air and water, just as we do with food, is so important for our long term health and well-being… This episode is packed with valuable information and addresses how science is showing us just how profound an impact our indoor environments have on our health.



Episode 5: Innovation in Housing with Steve Glenn
Steve Glenn, Founder and CEO of Plant Prefab chats with Betsy about innovation and the Future of Housing, covering topics such as #mods, #LEED, #HealthierHomes and more.



Episode 6: The Power of Lighting in Our Built Environment with Fred Maxik
Hear from Fred, one of the world’s foremost experts in lighting, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Lighting Science Group, as he chats with Betsy Scott about the use of lighting in our homes and built environment.



Episode 15 (Where Innovation Calls Home Series): Improving the Customer Experience + Journey with Debra Wyatte
Debra Wyatte and Dennis Steigerwalt talk about improving the Customer Experience and Journey as well as what’s next for healthier homes and communities…



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