2017 Board of Advisors Announced

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Board of Advisors: Chairman George Casey, President + CEO, Stockbridge Associates; Vice Chairman Michael Dickens, Partner + CMO, IBACOS; Gene Myers, CEO, Thrive Home Builders; Mark Tilley, Partner + CEO, IBACOS; Mike Moran, VP of Builder Programs, Simpson Strong-Tie; and Mollie Carmichael, Principal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

The Board of Advisors represents key stakeholders in the industry, and was created to help advise the Alliance’s broader agenda and ensure that innovation is addressed from a multitude of perspectives.

“The housing industry is facing unprecedented change and tremendous opportunities,” says Dickens. “Companies who don’t keep up with and drive innovation risk extinction in the next decade.”

“All of us are smarter than any one of us,” believes Casey. “Each of these people represent a key point of view that must be considered in the drive to stay on top of the changing, competitive landscape. Over time, we intend to strategically add other Advisory Board members from critical segments of the industry. This will ensure that the work of the Alliance is both diverse and at the cutting edge.”


  • George Casey, President + CEO, Stockbridge Associates
    George was appointed Chairman due to his track record of innovation within the industry as a homebuilder, developer, finance expert and consultant, as well as his leadership experience within the Urban Land Institute, a similarly organized, results-focused industry community. George serves as Alliance champion for the industry writ large and has more than 40 years of experience in residential building and development.
  • Michael Dickens, Partner + CMO, IBACOS
    As Vice Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Michael represents IBACOS, the founding sponsor of the Housing Innovation Alliance.
  • Gene Myers, CEO, Thrive Home Builders
    As a board member, Gene represents forward-thinking builders and developers who are leveraging innovative technology and business practices to be become better businesses, deliver better homes, and provide better quality, performance and value to consumers.
  • Mark Tilley, Partner + CEO, IBACOS
    As a board member, Tilley plays the role of innovation champion, ensuring we are focused on the road ahead and identifying actionable insights that will accelerate innovation in the industry.
  • Mike Moran, VP of Builder Programs, Simpson Strong-Tie
    As a board member, Mike represents forward-thinking product and solution providers, who partner with the industry to deliver higher quality and performance in homes and operate more efficient, profitable businesses.
  • Mollie Carmichael, Principal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting
    As a board member, Mollie represents the innovative partners and practitioners who help builders and developers better understand the market and deliver the better home. A former marketing executive with Lennar, Centex, and Pulte/Del Webb, Mollie has helped companies increase profits dramatically by understanding the market and consumer first for more than 25 years. She leads John Burns’ consumer and product solutions with two key tools developed for the industry: 1) Consumer and Product Insights and 2) DesignLens.  

“The influence of the Internet of Things and the need to deliver more value with fewer resources is revolutionizing the way we think about house, home and the housing business,” says Betsy Scott, Director of the Housing Innovation Alliance. “I’m very excited to be working with such a great group of industry thought leaders to shape the Alliance agenda moving forward.”