Our purpose? Connecting the dots. Our mission is to prioritize opportunities for innovation and connect key players who will create a better housing industry.

Where Innovation Meets Action


By becoming a part of the Alliance, you’re connecting with the best and brightest who are striving to make housing more attainable and your business more successful.

We’re more than just builders. The Alliance is where the entire production building industry meets to make things happen.

Together we’re taking action on innovation to change our industry and improve your business.

  • Market + Financial Analysis
  • Strategy + Innovation
  • Alternative Financing + Models
  • Sourcing, Training + Diversity
  • Customer Experience + Engagement
  • Field Construction Optimization
  • Industrial Engineering + Off-site
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Quality + Risk Management
  • Design + Livability 
  • Resiliency + Circular Economy


Everyone is looking for something a little different. We’re here to help you find it.

Housing Providers

Builders and Developers who deliver single-family or multi-family for-sale or for-rent housing

Industry Experts

Thought Leaders who help housing providers build better by providing a service or solution


Product and Material Manufacturers, Distributors, and Technology and Service Providers, who make this all possible

The Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

Two heads are better than one. Especially when they’re experts in the field who have an eye on changing housing for the better. Put a whole group of those people together? Now, you’ve really got something. 

That’s exactly what we do with our Alliance Working Groups. 

Each of our Working Groups focuses on a specific topic uncovering opportunities and breaking down barriers for innovation in the production homebuilding sector. We create the initial vision. Then you can grab a chair, bring a friend and let the ideas flow. 

Want to be a part of one of our working groups?



We’re smarter and more effective together.


We have the power to influence the industry and make a difference for the community that we represent by supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.


We’re here to grow and better our industry — and yes — our individual businesses, but we must maintain integrity and ethics.