2019 Innovation Summit Keynote: Key Takeaways

We’re sifting through notes, videos, and podcasts from this year’s summit and are eager to start sharing with you. Over the next few months, we’ll create bite-sized nuggets of information that you can share with your team and leverage in your business. 

To start things off, check out Sheryl Palmer’s Keynote presentation and key takeaways below. Sheryl Palmer is the chairman and chief executive officer of Taylor Morrison Home Corporation, a leading national homebuilder and developer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stay posted for much more to come over the next few months.



Key Takeaways

     1. Customer Experience Matters.
       “Our consumer is changing and if we don’t realize it, we are going to be left behind.”

     2. Obstacle or Opportunity?
       The everchanging consumer is the greatest opportunity. Are we changing with them?
       How does the experience economy impact housing?
       How do consumers relate to brands and the purchasing experience?
       How can we earn their trust?

     3. Strive for Diversity of Thought.
       Look around the room, do we represent the consumer of tomorrow… Do we get it?

“If we don’t understand the priorities of these consumers [of the future], then how do we make sure we deliver that home to them in the most efficient way possible—before we even talk about how we BUILD IT in the most efficient way.”


     4. Love the Customer
       Treating people with respect is free. Our industry is perceived 2nd to car sales. Customer experience can be the real gamechanger.


The only sustainable competitive advantage is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS and use that knowledge to deliver a consistent and rewarding experience that translates into preference for you and referrals.