We’re Thinking Differently About Innovation

At the Housing Innovation Alliance, our mission is to prioritize opportunities for innovation and connect key players who will create a better housing industry. To do this, we’re thinking differently.

We apply these 4 lenses to our world and to the industry to screen and contextualize these opportunities.

  1. BUSINESS: The broader mission, vision, values, organizational + revenue models.
  2. PEOPLE: The people, relationships + skillsets we need to succeed. Our team (inside + out), our customers + our allies.
  3. PRODUCT: How we offer value, be it a dwelling or a service.
  4. PROCESS: How we combine people, tech + data to deliver on our promise as a company.

We’re not a homebuilder, but if we were…

We’d re-think our organization structure –starting with our leadership team.

Consider what it would take to become a more resilient business –attractive to both current + future talent and clients.

This team would revisit Design + Build, look at Home as a Service, how to use ESG principles to drive what they do, redefine roles + missions for Talent and how best to arm people with the Tech + Data they need to succeed.

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