Premier Industrial Design Firm, Essential Design, to Kick Off 2016 Alliance Innovation Summit

We’ll kick off the Innovation Summit with an ideation session led by Essential Design. 

As a premier industrial design firm, Essential designs physical products, digital products, and services for professional and consumer sectors, including housing, home and health products for clients such as Legrand, AARP, Johnson & Johnson, Moen, Siemens Healthcare and more. Together, we’ll explore the importance of the “user experience,” and how to successfully understand and apply it to housing.

Diverse reach and exposure positions Essential to leverage the best of intelligence trends across industry sectors – connecting the dots between broader trends and the implications they will have in housing and home products.

The keynote presentation and strategic think-tank session will combine the expertise of:

  • Richard Watson, Partner, on the business power of design strategy, design vision and trends analysis
  • Bill Hartman, Director of Research, on the translation of the user experience and research insights into product design
  • Chris Parlato, Principal Researcher, on sensing and adapting to evolving consumer behaviors, emerging technologies and market landscapes

We’re excited to have them join us. They’ll set the tone for all of our sessions and think tank exercises over the course of three days.

Check out the full 2016 Alliance Innovation Summit agenda, speaker bios and the latest event details, and register now.