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0ur 2022 Program

This is where we dig in.

Together, we stay ahead of emerging trends and opportunities for innovation.

Here’s what you can expect > 

About the Alliance

At the Alliance, we’re not in the business of buzz. We create a vision for the future of housing and then make it happen.

How are we doing it? By creating conversations and then taking action that’s focused on what can actually be done, not just dreamed up in a think tank.

We’re not taking a sledgehammer to the industry. We’re using a red pen and revising our industry’s approach to creating innovation. Real, tangible changes that production builders can make in the next few years without taking our eyes off what comes after that.

So if you’re interested in helping us create what the future of our industry looks like — grab a pen and let’s get to work.

The Alliance. Where innovation meets action.

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