Insights from Jennifer Horne, Urban Campus & Core

During our recent trip to Nashville, we chatted with Urban Campus & Core, Founding Partner and CEO, Jennifer Horne, about how she got into the housing space, how her time at Lend Lease influenced her approach to ESG, and more.

Explore the snapshots from our conversation below.


More About Urban Campus & Core

Woman, minority and veteran owned, Urban Campus & Core is a consulting and real estate advisory firm with a focus on socially responsible development and economic growth. With solutions that include build for rent, workforce housing, and attention to ESG criteria, UC&C’s portfolio includes partnerships in healthcare, energy, education, and private development.


Key Takeaways


On young women finding a career path in construction:

There are so many universal things in real estate. Don’t be scared to learn more about something that doesn’t seem to align with your background or experience. Don’t think, “I’m not a civil engineer, or I don’t have a background in finance.” if you have an interest in how communities grow and develop well and are maintained, there are so many ways to connect in real estate. Stay inquisitive and don’t dismiss something because you think it’s off limits. Explore. #HerStoriesInHousing 


On finding new partnerships:

We’ve organically networked until now. Usually, we start with a landowner we have a relationship with. The partnership evolves as we understand their needs. We think outside of the box about who might benefit. Who would think Amazon? But if you’re a fast growing company and you need a workforce that can live nearby in attainable housing…


On the rise of ESG:

There is space for doing very ESG-centered development. Our job is to help those partners see the project and how it can be better and attract marketable returns. Watch this excerpt about land use and this one about defining ESG criteria.

Listen In

Find out how she got into the housing space, how her time at Lend Lease influenced her approach to ESG, and how she plans to conquer the Nashville market. Watch the playlist that includes short 4 videos.