Internet of Things II

Thar Casey, Founder, President + CEO, Amber SI

As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and disruptor, Thar Casey, Founder, President and CEO of Amber SI, shared his view of a new standard for electrification and whole home IoT infrastructure during our discussion on “Internet of Things” at the 2019 Innovation Summit.




Key Takeaways

From a 2019 #GameChanger Award Winner

  1. Ripe for Disruption
    The homebuilding industry is ripe for disruption with many of the electrical components used inside of the house dating back to the 1950s. Recent attempts at making a “smarter home” have resulted in products with limited functionality and steep prices, whereas Amber SI can offer more sensors—and functionality—at a better price.
  2. The Fifth Element
    With the addition of more sensors, automation, security, safety, connectivity, and control comes the new “fifth utility”, Amber Powers. It is the intangible intelligence added to the home that makes the home more connected, safer and eliminates the need for bulky mechanized technology; transforming outlets, switches, circuit breakers, and GFCIs to solid-state—and eventually silicon—miniaturized components.
  3. The Icing on the Cake
    Amber SI is changing the fundamentals and foundation of electrification within the home with solid-state technology that effectively increases safety and quality, the IoT connectivity, sensors, and control is just the icing on the cake.

The Alliance Takeaway

Internet of Things gives the potential for increased functionality and value through both safer electrical components and whole home monitoring, and all of this with no extra install time or trades training. The potential for cloud-based updates and fixes without in-home warranty service calls saves builders money and can make for a happier homeowner.

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