Meet Me in St. Louis – the Alliance June Road Trip

A group of Road Trip attendees learn about the Mattingly process.

Andddd… we’re back!

After an incredibly long, seems-like-eons break from in-person events, the Alliance Team ventured to St. Louis last month to see what innovators are doing in the Gateway to the West.

We weren’t disappointed.

McCormack Baron Salazar

We explored + discussed:

  • Mixed income, mixed use, adaptive reuse + townhome projects
  • Creative financing models
  • Various partnerships with local housing authorities and administrations
  • Integrating ESG metrics 

We learned about the company’s commitment to keeping families together. They are working to break the cycle of generational poverty by working with their residents to improve access to healthcare, healthy food, vital services, and a home they can stay in as their situation improves.

They took us to an innovative live+work unit that offered small business owners to enjoy a comfortable work/life balance (integrating childcare + tutoring programs among others) while utilizing one space for both.

We also toured their beautiful Arlington Grove conversion, a lovingly reimagined historical school building at the center point of a growing community. The structure itself was taken down to the studs in most areas, but the important features such as railings, floors, and architectural details were restored and returned to the building for its second life.

We’re looking forward to catching up with them again at the beginning of next year for an update on their pilot partnership with a local vendor offering a full service health clinic experience for their residents.

Housing Innovation Alliance St. Louis road trip group photo
The St. Louis Road Trip at McCormack Baron Salazar’s Arlington Grove.
On Tour at McCormack Baron Salazar’s Arlington Grove.
The facade of Arlington Grove in St. Louis
Arlington Grove’s centerpiece, Arlington School.

MiTek + Hybrid LinkdeIn Live Discussion

The Road Trip group at MiTek office
The squad in front of a portrait of Warren Buffet at the MiTek headquarters.

Could we visit the St. Louis market without a visit to our partner MiTek? Maybe, but why would we want that? 

Our hosts graciously allowed our entire party to spend the day at their facility, learning about the work they’re doing to shake up the building industry. Scott Reichensberger, VP of Homebuilding Innovation and Mark Lee, SVP New Market Growth and Global Homebuilding Solutions provided a great connection to their personal story and insight into MiTek’s strategy.

During our time at MiTek, we held a hybrid Third Tuesday event, inviting those from our network to join us via LinkedIn Live as we discussed Using Industrialized Construction to Drive ESG Metrics. Watch the full archive on LinkedIn and find best of moments below and on the event recap page

We’re sure we will be returning for a “part two” sometime soon!

Watch the Archive

Mattingly Lumber and Millworks Factory

Participants tour the Mattingly Lumber facility in Granite City, Il.

Housing innovation starts from the design. MiTek introduced us to one of their partners in innovation, a company shaking up homebuilding just across the border in Illinois.

Mattingly Lumber and Millworks is creating off-site solutions to make homebuilding more precise, cost-efficient and faster. By building panels in their Granite City facility and having their small teams install directly on location, builders are getting quality construction faster, more affordably and with less overhead. Jason Colbert, VP of Production-Plant Manager toured us from ideation all the way through the factory and to a new build construction site – all in one morning!

As robotics become more accessible in the market, John Mattingly, Jr. fully believes that MiTek will provide the tools for his company to lead the industry into the future with offsite panelization. We’ll be watching!

building the trusses
Rood truss building is a machinized process at Mattingly.
group pic at mattingly
The group poses in front of the Mattingly Lumber factory.
House under contstruction
This home is being built with panelization from Mattingly Lumber.

Green Street Ventures

Tour participants discuss Terra at the Grove
Terra at the Grove by Green Street Ventures is a fitwel property.

What do you get when you provide high-end luxury combined with sustainable practices and healthy living standards – all in a desirable transitioning neighborhood? 

Terra at the Grove by Green Street Ventures.

This new community offers all the high-end amenities today’s renters seek, and some they wouldn’t expect. What excited us most is that Terra is a fitwel certified project, offering not just pretty features but overall healthier choice for its residents. With yoga studios and walking trails on-site, the property also boasts dog washing stations and offices residents can rent to work from home. Green Street Ventures is a St. Louis beacon on developing with a healthy overall lifestyle in mind.

Group tours Terra at the Grove
Attendees discuss the plans for Terra at the Grove in St. Louis.
Group discusses Terra at the Grove fitwel property
Betsy chats with attendees about the fitwel benefits of the property.
Green Street Ventures presents Terra at the Grove
The Green Street Ventures team shares some background on the company and Terra at the Grove.


More than anything, St. Louis is a midwest hub crackling with innovation. By viewing the industry from every angle, we have seen how small changes and big leaps are making impactful improvements for homebuyers the world over. 

To quote a few of our participants: The future is here. Look at innovation in a broad lens, contextualize it for your business, then back something. Let’s get to work.

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