Off-site Construction Solutions: Looking at the Issue from Three Angles

On November 14th, 120 or so thought leaders in the housing industry will gather in Phoenix to explore off-site construction solutions through targeted think tank discussions on Building Componentization, Integrated Panelization / 2D, and Modular / 3D construction. Together, we’ll look at innovation in these areas through three key lenses: 

  1. BUSINESS MODELS – What are the considerations / impacts across the business at the executive strategy level?
  2. PRODUCTION + PRODUCTIVITY – What are the considerations / impacts on the product itself and the design-build process?
  3. CONSUMER VALUES – What are the considerations / impacts through your end customers’ eyes?

Each think tank will be kicked off with a snapshot presentation from an industry expert. Kirk Grundahl of SBCA will discuss building componentization, Gerry McCaughey will introduce Entekra’s approach to integrated panelization, and Tedd Benson will share how Unity Homes is expanding their offering in the modular homebuilding space.

Then, we’ll get the conversation going at the table level. Small groups are being designed to provide a good mix of subject matter expertise / experience and diversified perspectives, and seating will be assigned in two waves – the morning and the afternoon. (If you’re joining us, be sure to respond to our pre-event survey, so that we put you in the right group.)

We’ve also pre-selected a catalyst at each table to lead brainstorming for their group — leveraging the idea starters you see to the left. The goal is to engage each thought leader and get ideas flowing within smaller groups before we open the discussion to the entire room. 

A “scribe” will capture what they hear at your table, and we’ll capture the bigger picture that emerges at the front of the room. 
After the sessions conclude, attendees will have the opportunity to see an off-site construction expert in action through a tour of Katerra’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 
This roundtable is just the start of a bigger effort to dig into off-site construction solutions and create a roadmap that builders and developers can leverage to move from stick-built to more modern methods of construction. An initial roadmap report will be provided following the roundtable event and more programming on the subject will continue in 2018.
Registration is now closed. If you want to claim one of the final seats at the table, reach out to Executive Director, Betsy Scott. Preference will be given to builders whose companies are not yet represented at the event.