Provider Profile: MiTek

MiTek offers BIM and enterprise management services that are designed to interact seamlessly with one another

Its two enterprise management solutions—SAPPHIRE Builder for large builders and BuilderMT for mid-sized companies—can handle production builders of any size. Its Sales Simplicity software offers CRM and Sales Management for companies of all sizes.

On the design and engineering side, they specialize in structural framing with software that serves as a complement to architectural platforms like Revit. It extracts dimensional and geometric information from the architectural model and uses it to construct a structural model.

SAPPHIRE Supply lets the dealer use the model to optimize the frame and build a framing package. SAPPHIRE 3D software can be used by the component manufacturer to design and manufacture trusses and wall panels. SAPPHIRE Viewer lets the builder view 3D BIM images and collaborate with the designer or manufacturer.

In addition, MiTek recently purchased a CAD and BIM company in Vietnam called Platinum Global that can provide builders with outsourced architectural services. “This service is intended to help customers grow,” says Jamie Moore, the company’s Senior VP of Marketing. That includes creating plans from back-of-the-envelope concepts and designing components for manufacturers.

“These days most home designs are lot-specific so once you figure in all the options, you need a drawn plan for each house,” says Moore.

The company has a number of case studies quantifying the ROI from its software. For instance:

Payne Family Homes. Using MiTek solutions this St. Louis builder shaved more than two weeks off its build cycle schedule. At $2,000 savings per start, that’s $560,000 saved in 2018 alone.

McBride and Son Homes. Also in St. Louis, McBride saw implementation of SAPPHIRE Build as a great vehicle to help them simplify options. Jake Eilerman, V.P. of Architecture, Design, Studio and Planning says that the software ensures that salespeople only sell the options allowed for each home plan. A customized Bill of Materials is then automatically generated for each individual home. The company has saved about $1,100 per home, which puts $1 million on the bottom line.

Comtech. Using SAPPHIRE 3D this North Carolina truss manufacturer’s 88 manufacturing employees work one shift and produce more volume than 140 manufacturing employees working two shifts before they implemented the software.


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