PUReWall™: Collaboration At Work

Known mostly as an upstream materials supplier to several industries, including building products, Covestro LLC’s latest step was directly into the housing realm with the launch of its new PUReWall™ wall panel system. 

Assembled in a quality-controlled factory setting, PUReWall™ panels are designed to reduce construction time, material waste and labor costs for builders and framing contractors. The walls combine a 2×4 or 2×6 structural wood frame with closed-cell cavity insulation and exterior rigid foam panel insulation for superior thermal performance.

The development of this next-generation wall panel system was a collaborative effort between Covestro and IBACOS – both located in Pittsburgh and sponsors of the Housing Innovation Alliance.

“The PUReWall™ system  offers numerous benefits for panelizers, builders and homeowners,” says Jim Lambach, manager of Building and Construction, Industrial Marketing, Polyurethanes, Covestro LLC. “It simplifies on-site construction and provides a better wall assembly for homeowners.”

For more info on PUReWall™ panels, visit www.purewall.covestro.com.