Quality Management: Setting Up Your Housing Company for Success

Rich Rodriguez has more than 21 years of experience focused on quality management in housing as an ops exec for builders including Waypoint Homes, History Maker, PulteGroup, John Laing, Centex and Arvida/St. Joe. We recently interviewed him via Skype and asked what he would do from a quality management perspective if he were starting a new homebuilding company or division. Last month, we shared his take on “the perfect start” — what every builder should have in place before they break ground on a new home or housing development.

He spent a full hour with us on the phone, providing great nuggets from both strategic and tactical levels. Grab a cup of coffee, and watch our playlist for more on important first steps: defining your process, aligning goals with your business plan and assigning a dedicated quality champion. It’s about 5 minutes in total.

We’ll continue to share insights from Rich and other quality gurus. Watch this site and our newsletter for regular updates.