Webinar Recap: Coping with Comfort Complaints

Building a quality, high performance home should result in high levels of comfort for homeowners, too.

Even in well-built homes, though, comfort complaints can still crop up, and their impact on builders’ bottom lines can be significant. Complaints like temperature differences between floors, high humidity or a furnace that seems to run all the time can not only increase warranty costs, but also affect a builder’s relationship with customers—even if the builder never hears about the issue.

IBACOS Building Performance Specialist Arlan Burdick has logged years in the field tracking down the root causes of home quality, performance and comfort complaints and helping builders respond.

During this webinar, he shared examples of comfort issues and discussed:

  • The most common comfort complaints – what causes them and how you can prevent them
  • How to address comfort issues already built into your homes
  • Why it’s critical to become more engaged with your HVAC contractors

He was joined by Andrew Poerschke, a Specialist in Innoavtion Programs with IBACOS, who’s conducting further research into comfort in high performance homes.