Recap: Nov. 2021 Future of Housing Event

In November of 2021, we held our annual fall Future of Housing event where we came together as a network to share our vision for the future of housing, discuss the impacts various topics will have on our industry (+ your business), who the players are, how to stay informed, what trends are here to stay, and what to expect in the next 3-5 years. 

This time around, John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting was featured as Keynote.

Members and partners can watch full recordings on the event recap tab. Continue reading for key takeaways + short clips.

Keynote with John Burns + Deana Vidal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Key Takeaways:

  1. The government stimulus is still driving economic growth, but for how long? Watch the clip (to the right)
  2. Investor Mania 2.0proceed with caution
  3. Deana Vidal shares the Top 10 Design Trends featuring hidden prep kitchens, streamlined minimalist designs with lots of storage to hide clutter, as well as what consumers want for their WFH office.
  4. We need to refocus how we manage the talent draining from our industry. Pay more, treat them better, offer training opportunities…
  5. Theme for 2022: making everybody more efficient by leveraging technology, tools + training.

In this clip, John Burns shares the opportunity for new housing and the impact of the pandemic and stimulus plans.

Watch the full Keynote

Future of Housing: Expert Panel + Debate

Expert Panel

  • Peter Gajdoš, Partner, Fifth Wall
  • Joel Kirstein, Managing Director, Berkadia
  • Malee Tobias, Senior Vice President + Chief Marketing Officer, Brookfield Properties


  • John Burns, Chief Executive Officer, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

What we heard…

  1. On Decarbonization: Technology will save the world, watch the clip.

  2. Great story from Peter on their innovative work with ICON, 3d printed homes, including shout outs to D.R. Horton and Lennar.
  3. How a data science company utilizing AI functions in the investment banking world…
  4. How to invest in innovation (Skip to min. 53.40) to hear advice from John Burns.

Malee Tobias shares what she’s calling “The Great Reinvention.”

How do consumers want to live? What’s different this time? Who is influencing culture + values, and how is it changing the way that we design community + home?

Watch the recording

The Global Supply Chain: Understanding the Drivers

Expert Discussion

  • Lora Cecere, Founder, Supply Chain Insights
  • Jack Buffington, Professor + Program Director, Supply Chain, University of Denver


  • Betsy Scott, Executive Director, Programs + Engagement, Housing Innovation Alliance


Key Takeaways:

  1. There is a lot of data. How do we best connect the digital thread and create computer models to better predict implications and engineer resolutions?
  2. The pandemic was a trigger event, not a causal event. We’re seeing challenges that ripple back before 2008, and right now, most notable is a cycle problem with how everything comes together.
  3. We need to get to root issues not symptoms.  Stay tethered to economic data. Remain flexible in thinking about alternative BOMs. Think inclusively with your supplier relationships. It really comes down to effective data sharing and good ethics.

Short clips coming soon.

Watch the recording

ESG: The Future of Sustainability

Expert Panel

  • Anthony Cazazian, Head of US Residential Real Estate, Man GPM
  • C.R. Herro, Executive Vice President of Operations, bettr homes
  • Gene Myers, Founder + CEO, Thrive Home Builders


  • Margaret Whelan, Founder + CEO, Whelan Advisory, LLC

Key Takeaways:

  1. What ESG means to the panel. (Skip to min. 10).

  2. The perfect storm of data + science makes now the optimal time to adopt ESG practices.
  3. ESG done well: Ask yourself, do you understand influencers and stakeholders across your business? How well can you manage win-win scenarios across all groups?

short clips coming soon


If you’re new to the principles of ESG or eager to dig deeper into what they mean for our industry, for investment and for the recruitment and retention of new talent, we covered A LOT in this session worth watching. Watch the full discussion via the link below.

Watch the recording

One of our panelists compared the housing industry to an aircraft carrier – very slow to move without concrete proof that it should. So, we want to know…


How are you moving the needle forward in 2022?


Contact us to get involved and join us for an upcoming event. And check back for additional short clips + best of content, coming soon.