Recap: Rethinking the Supply Chain

Rethinking where + how products + services are sourced + how value is measured + compensated.

Many thanks to our panelists: George Casey, Stockbridge Associates; John Ballard, Hyphen Solutions; Ashley Potter, PulteGroup and Bert Stephens, Builders FirstSource.



Watch this short snippet featuring the supply chain vision our panelists have for 2029… 


Biggest Pain Points

  • Skilled and consistent labor
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Processes – BFS internalized mechanical & industrial engineers to bring a Six Sigma view

Opportunities for Innovation

  • Builders are taking a deeper look at the embedded inefficiencies and value add at each step in the process
  • Automate/ Digitize or Die!  Major push to integrate these tools to over the next decade to overcome inefficiencies (and material waste) in design and production.
  • BFR (and entry level housing) should be our industry’s opportunities to drive innovation.
  • Ecosystem focus – we need to be smarter about getting better together.  Collective bargaining, pooled resources, more transparency.
  • Emphasis on super subs / multifunctional trades as being the way of the future. Could be a way to create a win-win—adding value + financial opportunities for trade contractors as more and more manufacturers sell direct in the future.

The big win?
 Reliability + Repeatability / Consistency + Predictability