Recap: The Future of Housing

How will the housing industry evolve over the next three years? And what major changes are on the horizon for the next five to 10?
Many thanks to our panelists: Matt Hoffman, Managing Partner at HousingTech Ventures; Abby Ivory, Managing Director of Ivory Innovations; Julieta Moradei, Partner at Hometeam Ventures and Tim Seims, Director of Building Products Intelligence with John Burns Real Estate Consulting.


You can also download their slides, along with a list of the topics the Alliance will be digging into in 2021 here.

Watch this short snippet highlighting their goals for 2021


  • Sam Ruben: That’s one of the great things about really being able to use cutting edge technology to implement industry 4.0,  we can keep the designs in the computer the entire time and we can capture that knowledge. We can be tracking what’s happening on each of our printers or our robots, constantly. So we’re collecting all that data, tracking that data, and identifying opportunities for operational efficiency improvements.
  • Jeff Williams: I’d say the biggest obstacle I’ve encountered is folks who are by their nature, very operationally oriented. How do we convert that piece of land and do an inexpensive house? They don’t really understand the path to bringing in new innovations. It’s just that their day-to-day is not looking out past how long does it take to build a house, it’s just getting that house down and move on to the next one. Research and development is a long-term path and getting people to embrace being on that path is a tough challenge.
  • Debra Wyatt: There’s always this hesitancy on the adoption piece because they’re nervous it’s going to take them a lot of time to bring in their historical data, what that means and what it’s going to look like.
  • Other Notes from Attendees:
    • I think the technology part of it and also human nature is that we’re kind of lazy to adopt something new if what we’re doing is working, maybe not working the best, but it’s working. And so I hope that these digital tools help make it faster and easier to design.
    • You’ve got to change the minds of the customers before you can start.


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