Optimizing Home Delivery: Strategies +Tools for Driving Productivity + Quality On-Site

John McLinden, President + CEO, DIGIBILT; Glenn Cottrell, Managing Director, Builder Solutions, IBACOS

At the 2019 Innovation Summit, a housing developer turned digital solution provider and a quality management guru shared their insights on how we can optimize productivity, efficiency and quality using current construction methods.


  1. How taking digital control of the building process will lead to higher productivity, faster code approvals, less material waste, a simplified workflow and higher profits.
  2. An overview of the power of DIGIBILT’s solution, including how it uses a digital model to reduce defects and automatically generate bills of materials and construction schedules.
  3. How a tracking and scoring system for labor can help attract better talent and improve results.
  4. How to begin gaining control of your systems with the aim of reducing waste and raising productivity.

Builders are shooting themselves in the foot by not controlling their variables. To control them, however, they need to learn how to be disciplined and agile at the same.

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