Virtual Round Table Recap: Marketing a Healthy Home

At our annual Innovation Summit in April, several attendees expressed interest in learning more about healthy homes, asking important questions about marketing, sales training, risk management. They wanted tools and best practices for effectively communicating and creating value for healthy homes among potential home buyers. And, they want to realize an reasonable return on investment and/or achieve a competitive edge in their market.

Hosted by Rich Binsacca, Director + Chief Communicator for the Alliance, this one-hour webinar provided real-world examples from leading builders that effectively conveyed value and created a competitive edge for “healthy homes” while mitigating risk and liability that other builders can apply in their efforts.


Key points included:

  • Effective communication to potential home buyers
  • Real-world examples of successfully healthy home marketing and sales campaigns
  • Risk management / potential liabilities that confront builders
  • Language / marketing tips to reduce risk