Webinar Recap: Plug-n-Play Ductwork

Low-load, energy-efficient homes require less air for heating and cooling, but traditional duct systems can be too big and complicated to get that air where it needs to be—resulting in comfort issues. It’s time to rethink space conditioning.

Through the Building America program, IBACOS has been conducting cutting-edge research on a duct manifold system that could revolutionize air distribution the same way that PEX revolutionized plumbing. During this webinar, Tim Beggs and Andrew Poerschke provided an overview of IBACOS’ emerging Plug-n-Play duct design and configuration methodology and shared results from extensive modeling, lab experiments and the first field tests conducted at an unoccupied lab house in Pittsburgh.

They discussed:

  • How Plug-n-Play can help simplify design and installation, improve comfort, and lower risk
  • How it performs versus traditional air distribution systems in terms of pressure drop and air flow
  • How it differs from small-diameter systems currently on the market
  • What the application opportunities are – home size, load, load density, and climate

Below is an archive of the webinar:

  • Part 1 – Includes an overview of the research and intent, the business case for this solution, and steps taken so far with market engagement, lab testing and cost analysis
  • Part 2 – Covers steps taken so far with performance simulations, field data collection, and design methodology and documentation for leveraging a plug-n-play ductwork system
  • Part 3 – Discusses the proposed solution in more detail, provides a side-by-side comparison between plug-n-play ductwork and traditional systems, and outlines next steps