We’re celebrating the Ivory Prize finalists!

We’re excited to be partnering with Ivory Innovations to help promote the 6th annual Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability.  

The Ivory Prize is an annual award recognizing ambitious, feasible, and scalable solutions to housing affordability. The Prize is designed to award innovators in three different categories: construction & design, finance, and policy & regulatory reform.

The Ivory Prize’ primary function is to push innovative ideas and organizations to the forefront of the discussion on the housing challenges. Nominees of the Ivory Prize are reimagining housing and developing creative solutions to nationwide issues. By nominating and selecting the Ivory Prize, Ivory Innovations is amplifying the work of these companies in the housing industry and providing both a network of other innovators and resources. 

The Ivory Prize Construction & Design winner announcement is one of several strategic collaborations between the Housing Innovation Alliance and Ivory Innovations to unlock market opportunities and accelerate adoption of new solutions.

Live from…the 2024 Summit

Through this collaboration, we’ll jointly announce the Ivory Prize winner in construction and design on May 16th.  And for those attending the Housing Innovation Summit next month, we’ll be recognizing all finalists on June 5 and present the construction and design winner with their award.  

Meet the Construction & Design finalists…


An approach to labor and safety from another perspective: automation. Their solution automates drywall finishing, increasing project speed for onsite subs and improving the quality of their end product. In this way, Canvas’ drywall robot addresses construction labor and cost challenges while improving work efficiency and conditions.


A prefab manufacturer focused on interior installs that also addresses workforce issues by lowering the skill level necessary to produce, assemble, and install their interior components. Capsule customizes and manufactures their interior units to a standard that doesn’t require decades of industry experience, making their production lines more cost effective and efficient given industry-wide labor shortages. 


A mobile-based learning platform that educates field staff with micro video lessons. This decreases the teaching time skilled workers must put into training onsite and increases the access to knowledge for all those involved in a project. 


A homebuilding platform that connects prefab solutions to missing middle and infill housing opportunities. They tailor HUD code-approved plans for ADUs, single family cottages, single family homes, and two-story townhomes. Unlocking the power of prefabricated designs with national manufacturing networks enables Villa to complete more projects, more quickly, and more cost effectively than most site built approaches.

Join the celebration!

The Housing Innovation Alliance is thrilled to recognize these finalists in collaboration with Ivory Innovations and we look forward to presenting the Construction & Design award at our Housing Innovation Summit on June 5. Register here to join us!