What We’re Doing + Why We’re Doing It

We have a new look + a new way of communicating with our network.

Those who know us well say that the Alliance provides real value in the content and connections that we create.

We find great experts – some you know, some you don’t and some you’d like to know better. We ask the tough questions and help provide context to the insights they share, outlining what it means for production homebuilding today and for the next five years.

We also facilitate a lot of great one-on-one connections between people and companies to fuel relationship development, idea exchange, product and service innovation, and even major capital investments and customer relationships.

The pandemic has necessitated a lot of change and reflection. If we’re honest, our no-nonsense character wasn’t coming through in our brand. At the same time, while our membership doubled in the span of two years, we were long overdue for our own digital transformation to make our content more accessible, digestible (in bite sized chunks) and shareable, and to empower our network to seek out and connect directly with others in our network who have the insights they need.

To that end…

We’re excited to introduce you to our new brand and our new web platform.

Take a look below to learn more. Write us a note to tell us what you like and what we may have missed.


Orange Pen

What’s New?

THE NEW WEBSITE has a more robust membership platform, searchable contact directories + better ways to find + save content. 

Primary contacts from each member organization can manage access among their team, update their company profile and more. Members have access to exclusive, actionable resources + tools throughout our website simply by logging in. The system will also recognize people who work for a member company but aren’t on our list yet (based on email extensions), allowing them to create a profile on their own and access members-only resources and free or discounted registration for events. 

Companies and individuals can tell us what topics they are most interested in and which areas they have expertise (specialities). These tags appear in content searches and our searchable company and individual contact directories — allowing you to find the people and resources of greatest value to you and your business.

Finally, you can now flag any piece of content – whether it’s a tool, video, podcast, upcoming event, event archive or blog – and add it to your favorites for easy access whenever you need it.

OUR NEW BRAND will allow us to better communicate who we are and what we do. 

Where should you start?

Members + Partners
  • “Favorite” events, blogs and multimedia + find them again by visiting the “bookmarks tab” in your profile 
  • Complete your profile (upload an image + select your interests + specialties), then invite your colleagues 
  • Connect with fellow Alliance members through the network directories
  • Look back at events you’ve missed for recaps, recordings + other related resources on the Events tab
  • We recognize company-wide membership. Find out if your company has already joined by entering your email on the “join” page
  • Search related content by interest and/or specialty
  • Register for an upcoming event
  • Browse the Tools + Resources pages to find podcasts, videos and more


We’re all about revising, refining, and improving. That’s how we’ll make real change.

You’re invited to participate in our #BuzzzwordChallenge! In order to emphasize the importance of using a clear, direct and actionable voice we’re staying away from certain industry buzzwords. Choose a buzzword that you’re tired of hearing or one that you’ll make an effort to eliminate from your vocabulary -then make a video or join the conversation by commenting on social media following the outline below.

Filming the Video 
  1. Write your buzzword down and give us a quick explanation as to why you chose this word
  2. Film the word being destroyed (get creative and take safety precautions!)
Posting on Social Media
  1. Post the video wherever you’re most active! 
  2. Tag us on LinkedIn, Instagram + Twitter 
  3. Include the hashtag #BuzzwordChallenge
  4. Make this intro copy your own:
    “I’m/We’re a member/partner/friend of the @Housing Innovation Alliance. Together, we’re creating the future of housing. In order to emphasize the importance of using a clear, direct and actionable voice, I’m/we’re participating in the #BuzzwordChallenge