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Top 3 Takeaways from the Tech Summit

In late May, Alliance builders and sponsors got together for our first annual Technical Summit. While there were a lot of innovation focused presentations, one of the primary goals of the event was to spur discussion and identify emerging challenges in the industry that could be further addressed through Alliance programming and, potentially, Building America research.

Builder Benchmark: Insights from the Study

Builders, Sales and Marketing All Share InfoThe third annual Builder Benchmark on home quality and performance is out. This in-depth study identifies trends, barriers to advancement, and information and resource needs that we can help address through Alliance programming.

Digging In: Next Steps for Cost of Quality Research

Odds are that you’re already looking at several key business metrics with intent – and so are your counterparts at other building organizations. But when it comes to construction quality, most builders find it difficult to quantify—and even harder to understand exactly how it impacts your bottom line. 

Trendwatch – Homebuyers Concerned about the Health of their Homes: Starting to Connect High Performance Features to Healthier Living

From the increasing interest in activity trackers (like Jawbone Up and FitBit) and health apps on smartphones (Runtastic, MapMyFitness), to the continuing obsession with heathy food and supplements/vitamins/antioxidants, to growing concern about environmental contaminants (BPA, fire retardants), health is clearly a trending consumer concern.